graffiti facades
Ads on structures
Ads on the doors of the house
Painted elevators, switchboard doors, stands
monuments, statues, busts, fountains
Graffiti on road signs and traffic lights
Ads at public transport stops
Ads on lighting poles and power lines
Graffiti on transport
Protection of all surfaces from graffiti and advertising
Vandal-proof protective coating based on polysilazane resins is a transparent colorless coating, ready for use. It is a simple and effective protection against graffiti and advertisements.
Coating Properties
The film is elastic. It does not crack or peel off.
Excellent chemical resistance to all kinds of alkalis, aggressive solvents and some acids.
High wear resistance, the surface can be cleaned repeatedly.
High hardness.
A transparent film is formed. It does not change the color and texture of the surface.
It is easy to use.
High adhesion - chemical bond with the surface
The coating renews the protected surface.
Economical consumption.
The service life is more than 10 years.

Paint, various adhesives do not stick to surfaces. The protective film repels dirt, moisture and has a self-cleaning effect

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    Application methods and consumption
    Before use, mix the composition by shaking the container. It is recommended to carry out the work at an air temperature of at least +5 °With and humidity of no more than 85%, outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Apply in one layer on a clean, dry and non-greasy surface, using an applicator, brush, roller or paint sprayer. When applied at subzero temperatures, the adhesion of the coating to the surface may decrease due to the fact that the surface may be frozen.

    The surface must be cleaned of dirt and dust, otherwise the adhesion decreases and the coating may peel off. It is recommended to degrease mineral and metal surfaces with white spirit, gasoline, acetone or a special degreaser, and glass, polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces with a solution of isopropyl alcohol (to avoid turbidity).

    The recommended consumption is 1 liter per 70-90 m2 (depending on the desired layer thickness). It is recommended to apply a second layer to porous surfaces 5 minutes after applying the first one or pre-primed to reduce consumption.

    One layer of 20 ml per 1 m2 can withstand up to several hundred erasures of paint and an unlimited number of removal of pasted ads. It should be borne in mind that the thicker the final coating layer, the higher its wear resistance will be. Therefore, for areas with a high intensity of graffiti/marker application, it is recommended to apply a second layer 5 minutes after the first one.

    Do not dilute the composition with water. After use, if necessary, rinse the tool 646 with the solution before the composition begins to solidify.
    Drying and drying time
    The composition dries in about 5 hours.

    Recommended conditions for curing the composition before the appearance of water-resistant properties:
    • At a temperature of 18 °C and above : 12 hours;
    • At temperatures below 18 °C: 24 hours;
    • At 80 °C: 2 hours;
    • At a temperature of 130 °C - 180 °C: 1 hour.

    The protective coating has all the declared properties after 5-7 days from the moment of complete curing
    The state of the substrate
    The surface to be treated must be clean, dry, and free of grease. It is recommended to additionally dry hard-to-reach areas with absorbent wipes or dry them with compressed air. Upon contact with a wet surface, the composition reacts prematurely, which does not allow the formation of a durable protective layer.

    The surface temperature should be between +5 °C and up to 25 °C.
    Cleaning and maintenance / Service life
    Surfaces treated with a protective coating should be cleaned with detergents with a pH not higher than 12. Avoid contact with strong inorganic acids and alkali metals. Cleansers with a neutral pH are usually sufficient for cleaning.

    To clean graffiti and care for the surface, it is recommended to use the standard KM "Universal degreaser" or solutions of household detergents containing surfactants. Difficult-to-clean dirt should be removed using a solvent of the "646" series. It is possible to remove the coating only by mechanical means.

    The service life of a properly applied coating is 10 years or more in the absence of mechanical action and the influence of aggressive external factors.
    Technical support
    The Technology Department provides technical advice on the application and issues related to the chemical composition. We provide information and advice on applied technologies and relevant regulations based on our current knowledge.
    The dried coating does not burn, is odorless, and is harmless to human health. When applying, wear gloves and use eye protection. In case of contact with the skin, wash off with soapy water. The instructions specified in the safety data sheet are mandatory.
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